“Retaining Attorney Spencer was one of the best investments that we made.  School systems can be very frustrating to deal with.  As parents with a special needs child, we could not get the system to tend to our daughter’s educational needs in a way that fostered educational growth.    Attorney Spencer ensured that the school system provided our daughter with what she needed to succeed.  She was with us every step of the way, eliminating most of the frustration and time consuming steps required, tirelessly advocating on behalf of our daughter.  Our fight with the system was long and challenging but Attorney Spencer’s knowledge of educational law enabled our family to achieve the results we required.  Today, my daughter is on her way to educational advances and getting the help she needs.  Our family could not have gone through this alone.  The support and compassion she showed us will be remembered for many years to come.”
— S.C.

“My son suffers from recurrent depression and a social anxiety disorder which wreaked havoc with his school attendance in his mid-late teen years.  Increasingly unable to cope with the stressful demands of his cyclical condition, he had been unable to make progress for quite some time, despite various intervention and curriculum changes/approaches implemented.  It was determined that a 24/7 therapeutic environment was required to ensure consistency and progress, so I visited several schools in search of a more appropriate placement.  My search was severely narrowed by the fact that he turned 18 at the peak of his downturn and, at that age, very few appropriate educational programs are available.  Given this predicament,  I turned to legal counsel, as my  son was ill-equipped to bear the responsibility of such decisions.  Courtney Spencer arranged for me to obtain power of attorney, with my son’s consent, which enabled me to take the reigns under her guidance.  She prepared me for sensitive PPT meetings, the unilateral placement process, the challenges inherent in private placements and finally, successful mediation and settlement with my school district.   Early into his new placement, my son sought legal advice and she promptly addressed his concerns, setting his mind at ease.

In a relatively short time frame, my son has flourished and has made substantial progress.  He’s proud of his accomplishments and has reclaimed his sense of humor and looks forward to his future.  He will soon graduate and take the entire experience, along with various transition skills, to college full-time this Fall.

I am very grateful to Courtney Spencer for her dedication to families in need of her professional expertise and understanding.  She navigated my husband and I through the most critical period of our son’s education, exercising patience and care in counseling us, and we now find ourselves on a steadier course.   Many thanks! ”
— BE

“Dear Courtney:

I wanted to touch base with you and give you and update on my son’s progress to date.  Now that it’s been close to 16 months since I started working with you, our world has changed.  Your diligence and wide breadth of knowledge with the education (red tape) system, saved my sons life.  Your expertise with Special Education protocol and your calm demeanor set the stage for success!

My son completed his 7 week Therapeutic Wilderness Program and then attended a residential treatment facility in Utah to complete both his High School education and received the type of therapy and behavior modification which was overlooked in the public system.  His 6 months at the residential facility was an awesome experience.  Not only did my son work diligently on his school work he also was a known leader in his groups.

I am so happy to report that he came home a healthy, happy and mature young man.  None of this miracle could have/would have happened without you!  We are forever indebted in our hearts and please know that you are making a difference!!!

Thank you!”
— C.F.

“We highly recommend attorney Courtney Spencer to anyone facing the challenge of ensuring their school district complies with the laws governing their child’s education rights.  With her extensive knowledge and support she helped us through the maze of IDEA, FAPE, IEP’s , PPT’s and mediation.  She was with us every step of the way and helped us obtain an out placement for our son in a wonderful school that truly understands his issues and where he is now thriving.  We can’t thank her enough.”
— L.M.

“My husband and I highly recommend Courtney Spencer as the best advocate to fight for the rights of a special needs child.  Prior to hiring Courtney we had hired other attorneys who were hard to actually speak to, failed to explain what to expect when dealing with the school system, and just didn’t take the time to understand the complicated issues and needs of our child.  Working with Courtney was totally different. She responded to phone calls, answered questions and explained not only what to expect from the school system, but what we were and were not entitled to under the law.

She attended and was involved in every stage of our dealings with the school system, including IEP meetings, mediations, and finally a due process hearing.  She never gave up on our child’s case. Courtney spent many hours researching and understanding the medical and physical needs of our child.  She interviewed the right therapists and clinicians, and listened to what we thought our child needed to succeed in school. Courtney won our due process hearing 100%, with a decision which awarded our child all the services we had requested but the school system had denied. I can’t imagine any lawyer working harder for a special needs child than Courtney Spencer.”
— E.Q.

“Anyone who has ever had to fight for their child knows the frustration and fears that can accompany such a battle.  You constantly question yourself, “Am I doing the right thing, am I being too easy, too difficult”, etc.  Having someone by your side to coach, counsel and even console you is a comfort and a confidence builder when the odds seem to be against you, especially when facing people who know a system inside out and can easily make you believe you’re getting the best deal possible when in fact you may not be.  Courtney Spencer was that person to my wife and to me.  When we had questions, she answered them.  When we were scared or worried, she consoled  and counseled us.  All told, she was not only a competent attorney, but she acted as a friend in many instances.  She could have made a lot of money by pushing us to go to trial, as other lawyers might have done, but instead she painstakingly took us through the pros and cons of each scenario.  It quickly became obvious that all she wanted was the best outcome for us and for our son.  Our battles are not over.  We realize that getting our son what he requires is an issue that we will have to contend with for a very long time and we will not hesitate to use Courtney’s services again in the future.  I would recommend her to anyone who is concerned about getting their child everything that they need.”
— B. and R. W.

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